Prayer Points

Don't know what to pray for while on your fast. Here are a few suggestions:
Pray for the continued protection and provision of Pastors Eddie and Dawna. Pray that God will continue to protect and provide for their family. Pray that they would have added strength to lead and guide what God has placed them over.
Pray for the people who are leading ministries inside and outside of our church. Pray for all the staff paid and non-paid. Pray for growth, addition, and multiplication of a multi-cultural, multi-generational, multi-economic church that will display the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.
Pray for continued financial resources to fulfill the vision God has given us. Pray for people to get financial breakthroughs during this tough economic season. Pray that our church and people will be blessed with more than enough. Pray for open doors and great opportunities. Pray for the Miracle Offering on Easter Sunday and those giving into the Miracle offering, that God would bless their hands and their offering.
Pray for a greater release of the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the Gifts of the Spirit to be released in and through the church and people. Pray for more signs, wonders, healings, and miracles.
Pray for God to clearly lay out the plans and strategies for all areas of our church and for the continued plans for land, buildings, facilities, and expansion.
Pray for righteousness, holiness, repentance, and purity in all of our people and leaders. Pray for pure hearts and pure motives and singleness of heart and vision.
Pray for our city and region and all those in authority, for institutions and against all of the powers of darkness that dominate the valley.
Pray for unity and agreement between all leaders and ministry in the church. Pray that all people would come under unity in our church and that all discord and division leave our church.