Worship and Creative Arts Ministry

Pastor Isaac Elguera, Worship and Creative Arts Pastor
work: 760-340-1537
Email: staff@therockcv.com
Our Worship & Creative Arts team is directed by Pastor Isaac Elguera. Pastor Isaac is a musical intellect and visual & audio producer. He found his first love, drums, at the age of just two. His love for drumming activated other passions in his heart for a creative outlet, which were revealed in the form of other instrumental talents, as well as videography, photography, songwriting, vocals, recording & music production. 
He was content being in the background as a drummer until he was asked to step into the position of overseeing the Creative Department at Rock Church in 2013. Pastor Isaac's growth as a leader quickly advanced, as he was catapulted into the role of a creative mentor, and has been a non-stop journey ever since. 
Since 2013, Pastor Isaac has been actively seeking and pulling out the creative talents of others in an effort to discover, explore and expose the gifts of all generations in the church. Just as God created humans, He gave us the creativity to use for expression and expansion of the Kingdom; it is with this knowledge that Isaac is driven to deploy each unique creative expression that comes his way. 
Pastor Isaac has created a platform that holds space for individuals of all ages to uncover their natural, God-given abilities and elevate them by providing a nurturing, stimulating and challenging environment in which they can flourish in their creative expression.
Pastor Isaac recently married the love of his life, Emily and is enjoying their new adventure in ministry together.